Find the perfect size for the engagement ring

So you are now ready to pop out the big question. You want her to feel extra special on this big day and you want to avoid disappointment when the ring doesn't fit. We are here to help! Our engagement rings heard "Yes, I will!" many times already. Here is a list of tips we have collected to to help you determine her correct ring size without spoiling the surprise:

1. Ask your girlfriend's mother or her best friend if they know her finger size.

It's always a chance that they may have bought a ring as a gift before.


2. If she have a ring that fits well, borrow it for a moment and measure the inside diameter of it using a ruler or caliper.

Check out our illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to do it.


3. When she is asleep you can try to wrap a piece of paper or string around her finger and mark the size.

You can check more about how to determine the ring size using paper or string here.


4. If you can borrow her ring without her noticing it’s missing, take it to your local jeweller!

They will measure the size for free.